Fiber Optic Multiplexer+30telephone+FXO/FXS+EM2/4

Fiber Optic Multiplexer+30telephone+FXO/FXS+EM2/4

Products Overview----------------------------------------

Centralized, single-type-specific integrated service access multiplexer adopted large-scale integrated circuits, single-chip complete the signal processing of the optical port, E1 interface, the subscriber interface, mainly applied for the conversion from optic port (or E1 port) to the various types of data and voice interfaces. Integrating of PCM and PDH, or PCM and SDH, the super compatibility of SPC10 Series solve the voice and broadband data services as well. Used in conjunction with PBX, it can achieve long-distance Telephone Number Service. They are widely applicable in integrated access of voice, data and images in telecommunications, electric power, finance, transportation, public security, army government, enterprises and other departments.

Features ?
1  Clock mode: master clock,E1(optional function) clock, subscriber clock, etc
2  Height 1U(6U),width 19-inch,fixable arbitrarily more than 20 kinds of interface 
?  cards
3  64kbps-rich user interfaces: FXO, FXS, EM2/4-wire audio interface,Ethernet interface, 
?  V.35 data interface, hot line interface, magnetic interface, 2100Hz carrier magnetic 
?  card ,V.24/V.28 data interface(RS232/RS485), and V.24 interface with data and clock 
?  synchronous transmission, ITU 64kbps co-directional data interface(G703)
4  Consummate function control switch and the alarm indicator of sound and light on the panel 
5  Powerful network management platform
6  Network management interfaces: RS-232 serial interface and 10/100Base-T Ethernet
7  With Caller ID and polarity reversal signal
8  With the optical interface transmission, the line speed of Ethernet interface can reach
?  fast, providing transparent transmission of E1 interface and  user-friendly to expand
9  ADM features a powerful and flexible allotment of time slots in 2M
10  Power: AC and DC optional
11  The transmission of single/dual fiber, single /multi mode, short-distance/long-distance
?  mode can be flexibly switched, no need to replace devices
12  The functional card is designed in modules, and interfaces can be plugged or pulled  
?  into different combinations
?  Eg: uplink E1 interface: 8 channel FXO/FXS + 4 channel Ethernet10/100M+1 v.35(N*64Kbps)
13  Optical interface supports 1+1 double optical interfaces protection mode (in which one   
?  is backup) compatible with single mode, no need to replace devices
14  Optical module supports hot pull and plug
15  By using the switches on the front board, uplink interface can be changed freely from    
?  E1(G.703)to PDH or SDH optical interface, no need to change devices
16  All the interfaces have the function of protection against  lightening strike
17  Greatly facilitate the daily work of installation and maintenance troubleshooting


Product Origin: China
Model Number: SPC10
Brand Name: SupCom

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